Stakeholder Engagement

FIT 5 - Draft materials

Stakeholders were encouraged to provide comments and feedback on the FIT Program. Feedback was submitted via email to using the feedback form. The deadline for submissions was July 28, 2016, and feedback was considered in the drafting of final FIT program documents.

In accordance with IESO’s engagement principles, responses have been made available below:

All feedback that was received for the development of the final FIT 5.0 program materials has been summarized and grouped into common themes, with provided responses, in the FIT 5 – Summary of Stakeholder and Community Feedback document.

2017 Price Review  

The IESO is required to undertake an annual review of the prices offered to generators under the FIT and microFIT programs to ensure both ratepayer value and a reasonable return on investment. To support this review the IESO posted a pricing questionnaire to be completed and submitted by any interested party. The responses received form an important part of the price review and help in the development of the 2017 price schedules.

In accordance with IESO’s engagement principles, responses* have been made available below:

*One respondent requested that their submission be treated as confidential and not be posted.