Authorize as a Market Participant

The IESO's Market Registration group will acknowledge mandatory organization contacts as assigned through the Register an Organization form, and provide initial access to Online IESO.

The user(s) designated with the Applicant Representative role will receive various tasks at the appropriate time through Online IESO including, but not restricted to:

  • Paying the Market Registration application fee $1,130 ($1,000 + 13% HST)
  • Providing an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) licence
  • Providing a National Energy Permit (for Energy Trader - Exporter only)
  • Providing prudential support for those who plan to participate in the real-time IESO-administered markets
  • Providing details of a Canadian bank account
  • Providing an emergency preparedness plan that describes how the organization will respond to emergencies affecting the supply or delivery of electricity. See emergency preparedness guidelines for assistance to develop emergency preparedness plans.
  • Establishing participation contact roles through Online IESO

The Applicant Representative may be required to assign additional access roles in Online IESO to complete the above tasks. Learn more about access roles and how to assign them at Online IESO.

Prudential Support is used to cover funds that might be owed to the market if the company were unable to make a payment. To support organizations in meeting their prudential requirements, see the list of financial institutions eligible to provide support. The IESO's list of acceptable bond rating agencies is:

  • Standard & Poor's Corporation
  • Moody's Investor Service
  • Dominion Bond Rating Services

Payment of the market registration application fee

The current fee, approved by the OEB is $1,130 ($1,000 + 13% HST). A receipt will be emailed once the payment has been authorized.

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