Business Plan

The IESO 2018-2020 Business Plan provides an overview of the organization’s priority initiatives and the associated resourcing requirements needed to maintain the high level of performance required to deliver its core electricity system responsibilities, as well as to deliver on additional initiatives. These include continued progress on the Market Renewal Program and delivery of initiatives identified in the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan. Other priorities for this business planning period include a focus on cybersecurity and the completion of the Conservation First Framework Mid-Term Review.

Even with the additional initiatives, the IESO plans to hold its revenue requirement for 2018 at 2017 approved budget levels. This requires the IESO to continue its efforts to find efficiencies and opportunities for expense reductions. For 2018, the IESO’s proposed core operating expenses are $190.8 million, which the IESO expects to be funded by usage fee revenues.

The environment in which the IESO operates is quickly evolving. This evolution is changing the dynamics of today’s electricity system, as well as how the IESO plans to meet the future needs of Ontarians. Some of the changes include rapid technological advancement, increasing consumer engagement, growth in both renewable and distributed energy resources, and climate change policies.

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Approval letter from Minister of Energy (March 19, 2018)