Energy Efficiency for Homes

Energy efficiency means more than just using less energy to power your daily routine; it can also improve the comfort, look and feel of your home.

With the help of Save on Energy, Ontario consumers can discover simple and unexpected ways to save electricity no matter the shape or size of their homes. Find tips and resources at

Help for your home: Make the most of your home with Save on Energy buying guides, from what to look for when purchasing new energy-efficiency windows to understanding how much insulation your home needs need to stay comfortable year round.

Advice and Tips: Find articles on ways to include energy efficiency in your lifestyle or in every corner of your home.

Help for low-income residents: Save on Energy’s Home Assistance Program provides eligible Ontario homeowners, tenants and social and/or assisted housing providers with a detailed in-home energy assessment, installation of energy-saving measures and advice.

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Time-of-Use Rates

To help support Ontarians during the COVID-19 outbreak, the provincial government has moved Time-of-Use customers to off-peak pricing. Learn more here.

The price that most residential consumers in Ontario pay for their electricity depends on when they use it. Under time-of-use pricing, consumers pay a lower price for electricity when it is least  expensive — and higher when electricity costs more to produce. This rate structure gives customers the opportunity to lower electricity costs by shifting usage off-peak times of the day or week.


Kilowatt Way

Answer four quick questions to learn about your electricity use at home. Find energy saving ideas, information on time-of-use rates.

Visit to learn more.

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Updating home appliances to ENERGY STAR® certified will help reduce energy costs and increase home comfort. ENERGY STAR® certified products are available at multiple retailers across the province. Visit the Natural Resources Canada website to learn more and to see a complete list of energy star certified products.   

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