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microFIT Program

Ontario’s microFIT Program has resulted in more than 30,000 contracts and has encouraged individuals, schools, municipalities, co-operatives and Indigenous communities to participate in clean energy projects and make meaningful contributions to a cleaner environment.

microFIT Contract Assignment Process Change - April 6, 2017

Currently, microFIT Contract holders can initiate a Contract Assignment request through their “My microFIT Home Page”. As part of the Assignment process, Assignees are required to provide the following information on the Assignee Form B:

  • Assignee’s contact information (telephone number, email address, mailing address)
  • Representative’s contact information (if applicable)
  • Generator account information
  • Proof of eligibility (if applicable)
  • E.g. - parcel register for individuals

In April 2017, the IESO will be implementing a change to the Contract Assignment process with the introduction of the Prescribed Form: Assignee’s Declaration. Assignees will be required to complete and upload a commissioned Assignee’s Declaration as part of the Assignee Form B.

The Assignee’s Declaration and the updated microFIT Contract Assignment Instructions can be viewed at the links provided below. Once the change has been implemented, the Assignee Declaration and the updated Assignment Instructions will be posted on the Program Documents webpage under the applicable version.

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