Greater Ottawa

Regional electricity planning in the Greater Ottawa region is divided into two sub-regions – Ottawa and Outer Ottawa.

Regional planning activities in Greater Ottawa

Ottawa sub-region

The regional planning process cycle for the Ottawa sub-region was completed in April 2015 and an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) was released.

Outer Ottawa sub-region

For the Outer Ottawa sub-region, the Needs Assessment was completed in July 2014 and determined that no further regional coordination was required.

Greater Ottawa Region

Hydro One completed the Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) report in December 2015 for the Greater Ottawa Region. Regional Planning is now complete in the region and it is expected that the next planning cycle will begin in 2018.

Region overview

The Greater Ottawa Region covers the municipalities bordering the Ottawa River from Stewartville in the west to Hawkesbury in the east and north of Highway 43. At the centre of this region is the Ottawa Area, comprising the City of Ottawa, including Kanata, Nepean and Orleans.

The local distribution companies providing service to customers in the area include:

Hydro 2000 Inc.

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.

Hydro One Networks Inc.
Hydro Ottawa Limited

Ottawa River Power Corporation

Renfrew Hydro Inc.