East Lake Superior

The regional planning process for this region is complete for this planning cycle, and will be begin again in 2019, unless there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires it to begin earlier.

Regional Planning in East Lake Superior

A Needs Assessment was conducted for the East Lake Superior region in late 2014 by a working group led by Great Lakes Power Transmission LP (GLPT), and including representatives from the IESO, OPA (now merged with IESO), Hydro One Transmission, Algoma Power Inc., PUC Distribution and Chapleau Public Utility Corporation.

Through this process, it was determined that there are no electricity needs in the next 10 years requiring regional coordination. The report did identify three issues for which localized "wires-only" solutions will be developed, and those projects will be managed by the local transmitter (GLPT) and the impacted distributor or customer.

More information can be found on Hydro One's East Lake Superior Region webpage.

Area Overview

The East Lake Superior Region includes all of GLPT's 560 km of transmission lines as well as ties to the provincial grid at Hydro One's Wawa Transformer Station (TS) in the North West and Mississagi TS in the Northeast plus Hydro One's 115 kV line supplied from Wawa TS.

Local distribution companies in this area include: Algoma Power Inc., PUC Distribution Inc., and Chapleau Public Utility Corporation.