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Change Management

Changes to the market rules, processes, and IT systems used to interact in the IESO-administered markets are managed using a clearly defined Baseline and IT Release process.

2017 IT Release Schedule

Release ID

R 36.1

R 37.0

R 37.1

R 38.0

R 38.1

Release Category Category 2 Category 3
(inc. Cat 2)
Category 2 Category 3
(inc. Cat 2)
Category 2
Real Time Production Build 7-Dec-16 1-Mar-17 7-Jun-17 13-Sep-17 6-Dec-17
1. Preliminary Release Plan Prepared 24-Aug-16 16-Nov-16 22-Feb-17 31-May-17 23-Aug-17
2. Market Participant Feedback Period Ends
7-Sep-16 30-Nov-16 8-Mar-17 14-Jun-17 6-Sep-17
3. Target Release Plan
21-Sep-16 14-Dec-16 22-Mar-17 28-Jun-17 20-Sep-17
4. Final Release Plan 19-Oct-16 11-Jan-17 19-Apr-17 26-Jul-17 18-Oct-17
5. Sandbox Implementation 27-Oct-16 19-Jan-17 27-Apr-17 3-Aug-17 26-Oct-17
6(a). Production Build
(Non Real Time)
3-Dec-16 25-Feb-17 3-Jun-17 9-Sep-17 2-Dec-17
6(b). Production Build
(Real Time)
7-Dec-16 1-Mar-17 7-Jun-17 13-Sep-17 6-Dec-17