Cyber Security Forum

The electricity sector, like other critical infrastructure sectors, has been and will continue to be subject to cyber security threats and incidents. These risks require each organization to develop and support robust cyber security and cyber incident response programs to protect themselves from threats to their critical business operations.

The Cyber Security Forum is a collaborative open forum designed to improve cyber security within Ontario's electricity sector. The Forum will collaborate on, and share best practices to address emerging or existing cyber security issues to improve each respective organization's cyber security programs. On an as needed basis, the Forum may provide support to other electricity-specific forums in Ontario, such as the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, or the IESO Emergency Preparedness Task Force.

Terms of Reference

Public Playbooks

Playbooks define the procedures for security event investigation and response. Each security monitoring use case will generally have a corresponding playbook, which allows a responder to follow a structured method for validating and responding to each unique security alert.

Incident Playbook –
Malicious Code

Incident Playbook -

Incident Playbook –
Targeted Attacks

Incident Playbooks Supporting

Incident Report