Non-Emitting Resources Subcommittee

The MRWG has struck a non-emitting resources subcommittee to ensure that Market Renewal addresses the unique characteristics of non-emitting resources and to consider the potential for additional incentive mechanisms to meet low carbon policy objectives.

The focus of the subcommittee will be to explore the following three areas for non-emitting resources:

  1. Participation: future integration and barriers to participation for non-emitting resources in the proposed Market Renewal design scope;
  2. Market efficiencies: market impacts associated with higher levels of non-emitting resources with very low to zero marginal costs; and
  3. Commercial mechanisms: the potential need for additional incentive mechanisms to value environmental attributes and support net zero / low carbon emission facilities.

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Terms of Reference (Final)

The Non-emitting Resources Subcommittee needs you

The IESO has issued the first of a two phased a Request for Information on the role of non-emitting resources in the new electricity marketplace.

The first phase is about understanding non-emitting resource technologies and how they participate in Ontario’s current and future market. Responses were required by Friday, May 4, 2018.

Phase two, to be issued at the end of the summer, will be informed by the information received in the first phase and will be more technical in nature, requesting more detailed information on project development, project economics and additional considerations.

See the Request for Information engagement webpage for additional information.

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