The organization registration and participant authorization processes include the verification of the legal, financial, technical and operational requirements of the organization.

Any organization planning a new or modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid must first complete a connection assessment before registering with the IESO. Please see connection assessments for more information.

The first step in the registration process is to register the organization. This organization registration is required before completing the steps assigned through the participant authorization stage, as well as the facility and equipment registration, and meter registration stages. These tasks and additional tasks are determined by:

  • The intended participation type (e.g. market participant, program participant, meter service provider, etc.)
  • Whether the organization owns a physical facility connecting to the IESO-controlled grid
  • Whether the organization owns an embedded variable generation facility (5 MW or greater for participation in the centralized forecasting program), or
  • Whether the organization is required to register facilities and equipment with the IESO as determined by the completed connection assessment.

Many of these registration tasks are completed through Online IESO—the IESO’s web-based registration system. Access to this system, and defining roles and responsibilities can be found here.

As a market participant, some organizations may have Reliability Standards Compliance obligations. Please see reliability standards compliance for more information.

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