What You Should Know Before You Apply 

Please note that the information on this website is not advice, legal or otherwise, and everyone considering participating in the microFIT Program is encouraged to obtain independent legal advice. 

The IESO does NOT:

  • charge a fee to apply to the microFIT Program
  • pre-approve microFIT applications
  • solicit door-to-door for its programs, and does not authorize third parties to issue approvals on its behalf
  • endorse or is associated with third parties offering services in relation to microFIT projects.
  • The IESO is not liable or responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by an applicant under any circumstances, including the termination of an application or contract.

Before you apply

The IESO recommends waiting until you have an approved application before investing any money in a microFIT installation.

  • Program applicants should be familiar with the program requirements and information about the process available on this website.
  • microFIT participants are encouraged to investigate the potential impact on their property taxes, income taxes, and insurance coverage and rates before investing in a microFIT project.
  • Each application made to the IESO must be submitted by the applicant or an authorized representative. An applicant’s representative may submit an application on his or her behalf only if the required document is signed by the applicant and submitted to the IESO.
  • If the applicant or contract holder chooses to work with a third-party service provider, they should be aware that as the applicant or contract holder, they remain liable to the IESO for all representations, warranties, obligations, covenants and liabilities under the application and any microFIT contract arising from the application.
    Read more about working with third-party service providers


  • Potential applicants should be aware that participants in the microFIT Program are unlikely to be covered by consumer protection legislation in their dealings with third-party vendors of services or materials. The microFIT contract is a commercial agreement, and any agreements with third-party vendors or service providers are also considered commercial transactions, not consumer transactions. 

Responsibilities of participants

If you become a participant your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • understanding the microFIT rules, contract requirements and your rights
  • researching available products and offers to find the best renewable energy system for you
  • purchasing and installing your renewable energy system
  • meeting all applicable safety standards, including arranging and paying for inspection of your project by the Electrical Safety Authority
  • obtaining permits and other approvals, including municipal building permits if required
  • working with your local electricity distribution company to connect your project to the electricity grid and paying for all connection-related costs
  • paying your local distribution company for account charges and metering fees
  • paying for any associated insurance costs, as well as professional fees for legal and tax advice.