As well as delivering real-time and historical electricity data, provides insights into the many parts that make up Ontario's electricity system and markets. Visitors are introduced to opportunities to get involved, as well as how they can provide input to help shape the sector.

New to Here are some tips to get started: 

  1. Members of the general public can Learn about Ontario’s electricity sector and how they can Get Involved in conservation programs, funding opportunities, and electricity planning in their region.   
  2. If you are a market participant, contract holder or energy developer, you will find the information you need to interact with the IESO in Sector Participants.
  3. Looking for energy data? You’ll find real-time and historical demand, supply, price and conservation data in Power Data.
  4. Explore Powering Tomorrow for developments from Ontario’s innovative energy sector in the areas of data, technology, research, and efficiency.

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