IESO's Conservation Mandate

All these conservation efforts – both large and small - add up and provide the IESO, as system planner and operator, with an important resource with which to manage the system.

The IESO is responsible for overseeing the Conservation First Framework, which sets out a conservation target of 7 TWh for local hydro companies to achieve through Save on Energy programs for the period of 2015-2020. 

The IESO is also charged with achieving 1.8 TWh in energy efficiency savings from its direct customers who are connected to the transmission grid through its Industrial Accelerator Program.

It works to achieve these targets in a number of ways:

  • Working in partnership with local hydro companies, it supports a myriad of Save on Energy programs and incentives designed to help businesses and homeowners kick start their energy efficiency efforts. See more at Save on Energy.
Ontario consumers can access a myriad of energy-efficiency programs through Save on Energy or their local hydro company
  • Monitors the effectiveness of conservation programs to verify that energy savings were achieved.
  • Manages the Demand Response Auction, which provides revenue to businesses who can be available to reduce their energy use when called upon by the IESO.
  • Analyzes and forecasts the impact conservation will have on provincial demand over the coming decades. These outlooks help determine how much new supply will or won’t be needed in the longer-term.