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Events, settlement and payment schedules, as well as market participant deadlines

Connection Assessments

When and how to obtain an impact assessment to connect to IESO-controlled grid

Energy Procurement Programs and Contracts

Procurement opportunities for energy resources, as well as contract forms and administration

Engagement Initiatives

Engagements invite input to proposed changes affecting Ontario's electricity markets and initiatives

Energy Efficiency for Transmission-connected Consumers

Programs to manage and improve energy efficiency for high volume energy consumers

Feed-in Tariff Program

A program to facilitate renewable generating facilities using a standardized, open and fair process

Market Operations

Resources and information to facilitate participation in Ontario's electricity market

Market Oversight

Role of monitoring and compliance enforcement with market rules and reliability standards

Planning and Forecasting

Assessment of system adequacy and reliability looking out short to longer term timeframes

Smart Metering Entity

Resources for distributors in support of Ontario's Smart Metering Initiative and MDM/R

Technical Resources

Resources in support of interacting with IESO systems