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Retrofit Participant Agreement updated to align with v2.1 Rules

June 22, 2016

To align with the changes in Retrofit v2.1 Program Rules, the Participant Agreement has been updated by the Business Working Group. The following changes were incorporated:
Specific updates:

  • Section 1 (a) – language updated to allow LDCs to extend beyond the Conservation First Framework (CFF) at their discretion

  • Section 1 (b) – language updated to allow LDCs full discretion to reject applications where pricing is beyond reasonable industry standards

  • Section 10 (a) and (b) – language updated to reflect air compressor decommissioning Program Rule change, effective October 2015

  • Section 19 (c) – updated CASL language with respect to the IESO

  • Update of Schedule 2 Eligible Costs to include performance-based optimization activities for up to 12 months for Monitoring & Targeting (M&T).

Comprehensive updates:

  • Removal of all Engineered track references, and the definition of 'Engineered Worksheet' changed to 'Engineering Worksheet'

  • Update of all Advance Payment sections (M&T, Social-Housing, and Tenant Sub-metering) as per Program Rule change to allow LDC discretion.

The updated Participant Agreement is endorsed by the Business Working Group (BWG) and has been pre-populated in the Retrofit application process through iCon. Through the CFF LDCs have the ability to customize Participant Agreements and therefore can choose to reject applications submitted with this version and upload a modified version (given that it complies with the program rules and the Energy Conservation Agreement).  LDCs should continue to update their micro sites with updated program documents.

The updated Participant Agreement is available on the LDC Extranet via:  Conservation First 2015 – 2020 >> Documents >> Generation 2 Documents >> Retrofit Program >> Retrofit Participant Agreement- Gen2.

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