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Conservation E-BLASTs

Retrofit Program Rules v2.1 now in effect

June 22, 2016

Retrofit Program Rules v2.1 became effective June 20, 2016 and changes include the following: 

  • introduce updated Prescriptive Lighting Worksheets to market through iCon;

  • implement the Combined Track business case through the removal of the Engineered Track from iCon;

  • align incentive-level thresholds for enhanced measurement and verification (M&V) in the Program Rules and the Project M&V Procedures; and

  • amend the Pay for Performance rate to align with the IESO Pay for Performance Rules v2.

Please note that these changes will not impact any prescriptive lighting applications or Engineered Track applications submitted before June 20; prescriptive lighting applications and Engineered Track applications submitted in iCon before June 20 will be eligible for the incentive rates available at the time of the application. Any application submitted on or after June 20 will be subject to the incentive rates in v2.1 of the Retrofit Program Rules.

At the request of LDCs, the Engineering Worksheets will remain on the Save on Energy website and can be utilized with a Custom Track application submission.
For reference, the draft amended Retrofit Program Rules were posted for comment from June 2-9, 2016. There were no changes to the final amended Rules relative to the draft amended Rules. 

Retrofit Program Rules v2.1 are available here and on the LDC Extranet via: Conservation First 2015 – 2020 >> Documents >> New or Amended Rule - Final >> Save on Energy Retrofit Prog Rule_v2.1_20160620

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