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Strategic partnership with Infrastructure Ontario through Conservation Fund

February 1, 2017

The IESO has entered into a five-year partnership with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) through the Conservation Fund to test energy efficient innovative processes, technologies and program delivery models.

Projects funded under this Conservation Fund partnership between the IESO and IO are expected to yield insights in several areas related to CDM activities, including:

  • facility benchmarking;
  • building automation;
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning and advanced controls;
  • lighting systems;
  • building envelope;
  • energy efficiency options for heritage buildings;
  • efficient building operation;
  • electricity, gas and water collaboration;
  • energy storage technologies;
  • integration with regional energy planning; and,
  • opportunities to work toward "net zero" buildings. 

By creating a safe and controlled environment to test new technologies and solutions, this partnership is expected to reduce some of the existing barriers to widespread implementation, and encourage uptake in energy efficiency by the broader public sector and potentially the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

In addition to the strategic learning objectives as outlined above, this initiative will also result in the following benefits:

  • Delivery of maximum value to Ontarians: each funded project will include communications and outreach requirements designed to showcase project outcomes through activities such as workshops, reports and case studies;
  • Alignment with the Government of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan, which is intended to showcase Ontario's clean-tech expertise. Public properties and buildings will be used to help demonstrate low-carbon technologies, and to showcase made-in-Ontario innovations and the expertise of Ontario's clean-tech companies;
  • Energy savings attribution to LDCs: any energy savings that result from these projects will be counted towards province wide conservation targets and individual LDC targets where projects take place; and,
  • Clear performance indicators: funded projects will be designed to address a technological/market risk or barrier to implementation and will have clearly defined performance targets and outcome metrics.

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