Long-Term Energy Plan

The most recent Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), Delivering Fairness and Choice, was released by the Ministry of Energy on October 26, 2017. The full version, associated background and recent activities are available on the Ministry of Energy website.

The LTEP builds on the years of investment that Ontarians made to renew and clean up the province’s electricity system. As a result of phasing out coal-fired electricity generation in 2014, emissions for Ontario’s electricity sector are forecast in 2017 to account for only about two percent of the province’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The province’s robust supply of electricity will be sufficient to meet Ontario’s foreseeable electricity demand well into the next decade. This leaves the province well positioned to plan for and meet future challenges.

The IESO has developed an Implementation Plan, Putting Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan into Action, for the initiatives in the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, as well as the amended directives, for which it is responsible. The Implementation Plan outlines the objective, scope, engagement activities, the actions the IESO will take, as well as the milestones for each of the directed initiatives.

The development of the Implementation Plan was informed through engagement with First Nations and Métis, customers, communities and stakeholders through multiple channels including meetings and an invitation for written submissions. More information on the engagement undertaken for the development of the Implementation Plan can be found on the LTEP engagement webpage.

 For earlier LTEPs and additional planning documents, see the Document Library.