Regulated Price Plan Self-Certification Program

The Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Self-Certification Program (Program) provides a risk-based approach for local distribution companies (LDCs) in Ontario to report compliance with the minimum standards for calculating, reviewing and submitting RPP settlement claims to the IESO.

The Program allows LDCs to provide a reasonable level of assurance on the design and legitimacy of the processes that are employed to account for and review RPP settlement claims, as well as the accuracy of the amounts paid or received as part of the RPP settlement with the IESO.

LDCs are required, to certify that their procedures and controls are supported by process documentation, reconciliation procedures and periodic testing. They will self-report any material changes to systems that would impact their RPP procedures to the IESO.

The Program is designed to enhance consistency and increase the efficiency of the RPP program, both for LDCs and administrators at the IESO. The certification form provides criteria for the most senior officer (as represented by the chief executives) of each LDC, to attest their organization's compliance with RPP program requirements. The certification serves as an attestation and documentation of appropriately designed control processes that provide reasonable assurance on the reliability of RPP claims, while reporting on internal testing conducted within their organizations. Read an overview of the RPP Self-Certification Program.

The following links provide access to the current OEB settlement claims manual; and associated requirements of the OEB and IESO.


    Step 1 – Download the RPP Self-certification Form

    (Note these forms should be downloaded using Save As due to file size)


    Step 2 – Complete the RPP Self-certification Form

    Complete the RPP self-certification form. 

    The most senior officer of the LDC is required to attest (sign) the completed RPP self-certification form.

    If you require any clarification on the form or the process, please contact the IESO at


    Step 3 – E-mail the RPP Self-certification Form

    E-mail the signed RPP self-certification form to by March 31, 2017.