MDM/R Technical Panel

The MDM/R Technical Panel assists the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), in its role as the Smart Metering Entity (SME), in the technical advancement of the MDM/R functions and the interfaces that support the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, the Customer Information Systems (CIS), and the billing functions of the Local Distribution Companies (LDC).

The MDM/R Technical Panel provides input and recommendations to the SME on the MDM/R solution and related interfaces regarding new or enhanced functionality to minimize adverse impacts to the MDM/R, AMI and CIS elements of the Smart Metering System.

The MDM/R Technical Panel is a sub-committee to the SME Steering Committee (SSC), keeping the SSC apprised of any significant MDM/R modifications and enhancements being considered.


MDM/R Technical Panel meetings are held a minimum of 4 times per year and are scheduled depending on technical matters or issues arising from the MDM/R or the LDC systems interfacing with the MDM/R.


Geoff Visentin
Fortis Ontario Inc. & Canadian Niagara Power (CNP)
Jennifer Gordon
Halton Hills Hydro Inc.
Istvan Szekely
Elexicon Energy
Jim Rees
Alectra Utilities
Chris Henderson
Toronto Hydro
Tyler Tracey
Waterloo North
Sally Barakat
Hydro Ottawa Limited
Martin Thomas
Hydro One
Yvonne Robinson
Milton Hydro
Gissella Lopez