SME Overview

For more than a decade, Ontario has been a pioneer in the installation of smart meters and the implementation of time-of-use rates, which enable residential and Small General Service (>50 kW) customers to actively manage their electricity consumption. More than that, smart meters also produce large volumes of data related to consumption patterns that can be leveraged in ways that stimulate new value creation.

As Ontario’s designated Smart Metering Entity (SME), the IESO is responsible for the implementation and operation of the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R). The MDM/R is a central hub, providing a common platform for storing, processing, validating and managing hourly electricity consumption information to support local distribution companies (LDCs)’ billing processes – all in a highly secure environment.

With over five million smart meters sending hourly data to the MDM/R, and more than 60 LDCs integrated into the system, Ontario’s MDM/R is one of the largest shared systems in the world, adding 100 to 120 million records every day.

Photo of a smart meter.