SME Steering Committee

The Smart Metering Entity (SME) Steering Committee acts as an advisory panel to the IESO in its role as the SME for Ontario. It is a stakeholder committee that represents the interests of MDM/R service recipients. The SME Committee is made up of representatives from local distribution companies and the IESO in its role as SME.

The SME Steering Committee has the opportunity to:

  • Provide input in the ongoing development of the Terms of Service and the MDM/R manuals and procedures
  • Provide input on the SME’s provision of MDM/R services and adherence to the committed service levels as prescribed in the Terms of Service
  • Consider amendment proposals forwarded by the SME, MDM/R service recipients, or initiated by the SME Steering Committee
  • Participate in the consultations, when requested by the SME on amendments to the MDM/R manuals and procedures

SME Steering Committee meetings are held five to eight times per year. Regular meetings include a one-hour MDM/R operations teleconference that is open to all LDCs in the province. For more information about attending the open session, please contact


February 2, 2022 April 20, 2022 June 22, 2022
September 21, 2022 November 30, 2022  


SME Steering Committee currently consists of eight members. Except for the members-at-large and the member representing the SME, members are appointed from among nominations made by MDM/R service recipients or entities eligible to become MDM/R service recipients. Distributor representatives may also be appointed from nominations submitted by the Board of Directors of the Electricity Distributors Association or any successor organization. Five LDC members are the minimum required for a quorum and an SME/IESO representative must attend. Current members are:

Andy Armitage
LDC Chair
Synergy North
John Dunne
LDC Vice-Chair
Hydro One Networks Inc.
Kevin Myers
Elexicon Energy
Shelley Parker
Alectra Utilities
James Wei
Toronto Hydro
Luke Seewald
London Hydro
Judy Lidster
Hydro Ottawa Limited
Rob Koekkoek
Orangeville Hydro
Marianne Blasman
Burlington Hydro
James Murphy