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  • January

    IESO Governance and Structure By-Law and Technical Panel Terms of Reference updated

    The IESO’s Governance and Structure By-Law has been updated to transition the structure of the Technical Panel to a new Terms of Reference. This transition was made to align the process of the Technical Panel with the IESO Engagement Principles and to provide more flexibility to address the evolution of Ontario’s electricity sector.

    The Technical Panel is appointed by the IESO Board and proposes and reviews amendments to the Market Rules and, as requested, advises the Board on specific technical issues related to the operation of the IESO-administered markets.

    Developed with input from industry stakeholders, including members of the Panel and the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, the Technical Panel’s new Terms of Reference address the operation, administration and membership composition of the Panel.

    To fill vacancies and align with the revised membership composition, the IESO is calling for nominations for membership on the Technical Panel. For more information on the Technical Panel please visit the Technical Panel webpage.

  • January

    Call for Nominations to the Technical Panel

    The IESO Board of Directors is calling for nominations of qualified individuals to join the Technical Panel The Technical Panel is a body of Ontario stakeholders formed to consider amendments to the Market Rules and, as requested, to provide advice to the IESO Board on technical issues relating to the operation of the IESO-administered markets. The IESO is seeking representation within the following sector constituencies:

    • Market Participant Generators
    • Local Distribution Companies
    • Other Market Participant Representative (a new category added to capture new market participant categories, for example a Demand Response Market Participant or an Energy Storage Market Participant)
    • Consumers (including residential, retail and/or commercial representatives)
    • Energy Related Businesses and Services (examples of representation might include financial, aggregators, innovation & research, smart grid, conservation or gas utilities)

    The deadline for the submission nominations is February 10, 2017.

    If you are interested in nominating yourself or another candidate for consideration as a Technical Panel member, please submit:

    • A letter of nomination,
    • The nominee's resume,
    • A 'Declaration of Nominee' for membership on the Technical Panel, completed and signed by the nominee. Appointed members will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the IESO.

    Additional information regarding the Technical Panel, including member qualifications and attributes, can be found in the Terms of Reference. The IESO's Technical Panel provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of the Market Rules that govern Ontario's IESO-administered markets and to help inform the important discussions that shape Ontario's electricity future.

    For more information, visit the Technical Panel webpage or email engagement@ieso.ca.

    Please submit the above information on or before the close of business on February 10, 2017 to:

    John Rattray
    General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Reliability Compliance Officer
    Independent Electricity System Operator
    1600-120 Adelaide Street West
    Toronto, ON M5H 1T1
    Telephone: (416) 506-2856
    Fax: (416) 506-2838
    E-mail: john.rattray@ieso.ca

  • January

    OEB approves IESO Fee for 2017

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) issued a decision and order on December 29, 2016 approving the IESO’s revised fee application.  Effective January 1, 2017, there are two separate usage fees for the IESO, a fee of $1.1636/MWh to domestic customers and another fee of $0.9603/MWh to export customers. 

    The usage fee of $1.1636/MWh to domestic customers will be applied to each market participant’s allocated quantity of energy withdrawn (AQEW) from the IESO-controlled grid plus the embedded generation volumes reported by each LDC to the IESO on a monthly basis.

    The usage fee of $0.9603/MWh to export customers will be applied to each market participant’s scheduled quantity of energy withdrawn (SQEW).

    Both usage fees outlined above will now be settled under charge type 9990 “IESO Administration Charge” and charge type 754 “OPA Administration Charge” will no longer be utilized effective January 1, 2017.

    More details can be found on the OEB’s website in the Decision and Order (EB-2015-0275) document.

  • January

    IESO surplus rebate

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) approved the IESO’s proposal to clear 2015 year-end balances and refund ratepayers $9,595,253.70 divided as follows:

    Charge type 9990 “IESO Administration Charge” will be rebated $6,613,872.49 and charge type 754 “OPA Administration Charge” will be rebated $2,981,381.21

    The rebates will be pro-rated to market participants that paid these administration fees in 2015 and will be reflected as manual line item adjustments under charge type 754 “OPA Administration Charge” and charge type 9990 “IESO Administration Charge” on the December 31, 2016 settlement statement and the December invoice, which will be issued on January 16, 2017.

    More details can be found on the OEB’s website in the Decision and Order (EB-2015-0275) document.

  • January

    Save the Date: SAC meeting February 1

    The next meeting of the IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) will be held on February 1 in Toronto.  SAC meetings provide a forum for its members and other participants to be informed of IESO activities and to provide timely advice and feedback on important matters concerning Ontario's electricity sector.

    The February 1 meeting will include a discussion on IESO business planning and will seek input from all members on their priorities for the IESO to consider for the 2018 – 2020 business planning period. All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting or provide any insights through the appropriate sector-represented SAC member in order to have your views considered for discussion.

    Email engagement@ieso.ca to register to attend the February 1 SAC meeting in person or via teleconference.

    Visit the SAC webpage to see all the meeting materials, presentations, and comments from participants from previous meetings, including content and meeting notes from the last SAC meeting, held on October 19.