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  • June

    New funding program to support the participation of communities and organizations in renewable energy projects

    Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has launched the Energy Partnerships Program (EPP), designed to support Indigenous communities, co-operatives, municipalities and public sector entities to participate in Ontario’s clean energy economy. 

    The program encourages local partnerships, helps communities create economic development opportunities and supports a high level of local community engagement, participation and investment in energy projects. The EPP consists of two funding streams:

    Partnership Stream

    • For Indigenous communities, funding for the legal, technical and financial due diligence work to develop partnerships on Feed-in Tariff (FIT), Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) and identified transmission projects. 
    • For municipalities, co-operatives and public sector entities, funding for legal, technical and financial due diligence work to develop FIT projects.

    Project Development Stream

    • Funding for Indigenous communities, municipalities, co-operatives and public sector entities to assist with the soft costs associated with developing FIT projects, such as obtaining the requisite regulatory approvals.  
    • This stream also includes a Remote Project Development Sub-Stream -- available to identified remote First Nations communities (those that have been identified as uneconomic to connect to the IESO controlled grid) – to assist with costs for developing energy-based solutions to reduce diesel dependency in these communities.

    The EPP builds on the success of its four separate former funding programs, which combined have supported 776 projects and have leveraged over $20 million in secured funding to date. Read our backgrounder to find more about how the former programs have supported Indigenous communities, municipalities, public sector entities and co-operatives in the design and delivery of renewable energy initiatives.

    “Our funding programs have been very successful,” said Bruce Campbell, IESO CEO. “By evolving these programs to be streamlined under one set of rules and a consistent funding framework, the new Energy Partnerships Program will build on that success, and further strengthen the assistance available to applicants. For example, eligibility has been expanded to those developing multiple projects, and we have also expanded the eligible costs for community engagement activities.”

    “The new EPP will build upon the strengths of the former programs and better support our important stakeholders as they help to bring the needed access to renewable energy across Ontario. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits of these improvements in action,” says Glenn Thibeault, Ontario Minister of Energy.

    Applications for the Energy Partnerships Program are now being accepted. For more information about the program, rules and eligibility, please visit the Energy Partnerships Program web page at www.ieso.ca/EPP.

    About the IESO
    The IESO manages the province's power system so that Ontarians receive power when and where they need it. It plans and prepares for future electricity needs and works with its partners to guide conservation efforts.

    IESO Media Contact
    John Cannella, 416-506-2823, media@ieso.ca

  • June

    Latest edition of the 18-Month Outlook and quarterly contracts, conservation and data reports now available

    ​The 18-Month Outlook was released earlier this week forecasting adequate generation and transmission to supply Ontario's demand over the next 18 months to December 2017. Long-term forecasts also indicate that Ontario will remain adequately supplied into the foreseeable future. The full Outlook can be found here.

    Progress reports for the first quarter of 2016 are also available. The Contracted Electricity Supply quarterly report can be found here, summarizing the cumulative contract data for the beginning of 2016. The Conservation Progress Report can be found here, highlighting the achievements of Save on Energy programs and other conservation initiatives in the first quarter of 2016.

    The latest edition of the Ontario Energy Report is also now available at www.ontarioenergyreport.ca. This initiative, led by the Ministry of Energy, features IESO, OEB and Ministry of Energy data about electricity supply, demand, conservation, emissions and pricing. Comments and suggestions about the report can be sent to info@ontarioenergyreport.ca.

  • June

    Request for Information (RFI) for regulation service

    ​As part of its ongoing efforts to broaden participation in Ontario's energy markets, the IESO has released a Request for Information (RFI) related to the provision of regulation, an essential service that helps maintain the balance between supply and demand. Further information is available here.

  • June

    Save the date: August 17 Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting

    ​The next meeting of the IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) will be held on August 17 in Toronto. The meeting will leverage earlier SAC discussions to inform the IESO's business planning and corporate performance measures processes and seek input on emerging initiatives at the IESO.

    Visit the SAC meetings webpage to see all the meeting materials, comments from participants, and other information including the newly posted Notes from the May 11 SAC meeting.

    SAC meetings provide a forum for its members and other participants to be informed of IESO activities and to provide timely advice and feedback on important matters concerning Ontario's electricity sector.

  • June

    Version 4.0 of the microFIT Program now launched

    ​Version 4.0 of the microFIT Program has now been launched, and applications are again being accepted. The IESO was able to accelerate the timeline from the originally announced launch date of July 2016 for the new version of the program.

    microFIT has a 50 MW procurement target for 2016. Among other changes, version 4.0 of the program includes a new price tranche for rooftop solar PV projects that are 6 kW or smaller.

    The microFIT program, administered by the IESO, is a streamlined program for micro renewable energy projects. It provides homeowners and other eligible participants with the opportunity to develop a micro renewable electricity generation project on their property. Learn more about the program here.