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  • August

    Dates set for fall training courses

    ​This fall, the IESO will be hosting an Introduction to Ontario Physical Markets course on October 13 and a Settlements/Commercial Reconciliation course on October 14.

    The Introduction course is targeted towards people new to Ontario's electricity market and teaches the basics of how to participate and how the market works. The Settlements course is focused on everything market participants will need to understand and reconcile settlement statements and invoices.

    Additionally, as announced last week, the IESO course on how to participate in the Demand Response Auction will be held on September 9.

  • August

    2016 Prudential Framework review – next steps

    The IESO has received stakeholder feedback to help inform the IESO's review of its current real-time market prudential framework.  This feedback will be posted shortly.  The IESO is reviewing this feedback and in the autumn of 2016 will prepare a preliminary Prudential Review report which will review the current framework, feedback along with recommended changes (if any).  The IESO may schedule a meeting in late 2016 to review and discuss the preliminary report and may invite further feedback.

    The IESO is aiming to develop a final Prudential Report by year's end.

    Stakeholders can contact engagement@ieso.ca to request to receive any further updates related to 2016 Prudential Review going forward.