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  • July

    Reminder: Proposed amendments to IESO Governance and Structure By-law

    ​Please be reminded that comments on the proposed amendments to the IESO Governance and Structure By-law are due by July 22.

    The IESO Board is proposing to amend the Governance and Structure By-Law (the By-Law) to facilitate the transition of the governance of the Technical Panel (TP) from the By-Law to a new Terms of Reference. In consultation with the members of the Technical Panel and other stakeholders, the draft Terms of Reference was developed to align the TP process with the overall IESO Engagement framework. For more information on the development of the draft Terms of Reference refer to the Technical Panel Review items on the TP webpage.

    The draft By-Law can be found here.

    Any comments can be directed to John Rattray, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Reliability Compliance Officer at john.rattray@ieso.ca.

  • July

    LRP II connection availability tables posted

    The IESO has posted the initial connection availability tables for the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) II. They provide a preliminary view of where capacity to connect an LRP project may be located and is intended as an early resource for developers. The IESO plans to update these tables several times before LRP II proposals are due and are subject to change.

    The main updates from the previous versions from LRP I are that at this time, there is no connection capacity available in the Northeast or West of Chatham areas, and there is some additional capacity now available in the Bruce area. There is also limited connection capacity on the higher-voltage (transmission) circuits in many areas in southern Ontario. This assessment may change as the tables are updated through the process.

    Because capacity has been identified as being available in a particular location does not mean that a project will be developed in that location. It is very early in the LRP II process, and there are still many steps required, including community engagement, to determining where LRP II projects will be successfully developed.

    Feedback on the LRP I process from stakeholders and communities has been collected and has been posted on the IESO website. The IESO has responded and explained how the feedback on the LRP I Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has resulted in changes to the draft LRP II RFQ. Feedback on the draft LRP II RFQ has also been received, and the final LRP II RFQ, along with IESO responses to this feedback, will be posted later next week.

    The IESO has also received feedback from stakeholders and communities on the subsequent request for proposals (RFP) stage, including where LRP projects could be sited, community engagement requirements and how the proposal evaluation process could be changed. This feedback will be considered in developing the draft LRP II RFP, which is expected to be posted for review and comment by January 2017.