Baseline Schedule

Details of all of the documents being revised for the current Baseline (and the next Baseline if available) can be found below.

See Document Library for previous Baseline Plans.


Baseline 42.1 Baseline 43.0    Baseline 43.1 Baseline 44.0  Baseline 44.1 
Technical Interface Documents
All technical interface documents relating to the upcoming IT Release Schedule are posted on the Pending Changes - Documents page for Market Participant comment. The IESO will post technical documents as they are made available and may not occur on the proposed date indicated. Documents may be deferred to the Market Facing document posting date. Refer to the IT Release Schedule for specific dates.
23 Sep 2019  23 Dec 2019 23 Mar 2020 29 Jun 2020 21 Sep 2020
Baseline Plan
The baseline plan provides details of all document revisions, including stakeholder history and impact of change. It is made available as documents are identified for baseline inclusion. Documents submitted after impact assessment date will added to the plan under the heading "Update to Baseline".
7 Oct 2019  6 Jan 2020 6 Apr 2020 6 Jul
13 Oct 2020
Market Facing Documents
New and revised market manuals and related documents are posted on the Pending Changes - Documents page. IESO initiates impact assessment, inviting market participants to review updated documents and provide feedback regarding document revisions.
Oct 2019
Jan 2020
Apr 2020
8 Jul-
7 Aug 2020
14-30 Oct 2020 
Final Posting of Documents
Final approved documents published on the IESO website.
4 Dec 2019  4 Mar 2020 3 Jun 2020 16 Sep 2020 2 Dec 2020