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Pending Changes - Documents

The list below provides advance notice of pending changes to the market rules, market manuals, technical interfaces documentation or other items that define the operation of the IESO-administered market. For changes that are minor, the listing will identify the document that is changing and a description of the revisions, but a link to the altered document may not be included.

Comments on the design and implementation concerns can be sent to This feedback will be taken into account during the baseline schedule.

Details of all of the documents being revised for the current Baseline (and the next Baseline if available) can be found below.

See Document Library for previous Baseline Plans.

Pending Changes - Documents

Item Last Updated Comments Due Target Implementation
Market Manual 5: Settlements Part 5.5: Physical Markets Settlement Statements, MDP_PRO_0033_v77.1

Revised to incorporate IMDC-59 - Settlement of the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) through the submission of settlement claims and data for the program and minor updates to section 1.6.26 Capacity Obligations to reflect corrected references to Market Manual 12.0.
11-Aug-2020 25-Aug-2020 Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 4: Market Operations Part 4.3: Real-Time Scheduling of the Physical Markets, IMP_PRO_0034_v58.1

Added new subsection (6.4.4) covering the IESO-Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board Reliability Must Run Contract.
11-Aug-2020 24-Aug-2020 Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 7: Systems Operations Part 7.4: IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies, IMP_POL_0002_v37.1

Updated for clarity. Refer to Table of Changes for sections updated.
10-Aug-2020 24-Aug-2020 Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 4: Market Operations Part 4.6: Real-Time Generation Cost Guarantee Program, PRO-324_v4.1

Updated to include IMDC-60 - Services Price Adder Update.
10-Aug-2020 Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 12.0 Capacity Auctions, MAN-44_v10.1

Minor updates to clarify testing and registration processes.
30-Jul-2020 14-Aug-2020 Baseline 44.0
Format Specifications for Settlement Statement Files and Data Files, IMP_SPEC_0005_v52.2

Updated to change the effective date. Implementation of COVID-19 Energy Assistance Programs (CEAP).
27-Jul-2020 05-Aug-2020 August 10, 2020 to be issued in advance of Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 7: System Operations Part 7.1: IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Procedures, MDP_PRO_0040_v36.1

Revised Section 6 and added new Appendix (C) to provide clarity in physical security and cyber security event reporting requirements.
08-Nov-2019 02-Dec-2019 Deferred to Baseline 44.0
Market Manual 11: Reliability Compliance Part 11.1 Applicability Criteria for Compliance with NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Criteria, IESO_GDE_0364_v6.2

Updated to clarify the requirements for the testing of Remedial Action Schemes (NERC Standard PRC-005-6). Updated to include applicability guidance for NERC standards PRC-002-2, PRC-005-6, and VAR-002-4
15-Nov-2017 28-Nov-2017 Deferred to Baseline 44.0