Market Development Advisory Group

The IESO has created a new Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG) which will support IESO efforts to evolve the Ontario electricity market, beyond the Market Renewal Program, to cost-effectively ensure reliability in the near and longer terms. See the Terms of Reference for additional context.

The MDAG will take a forward-looking approach to its discussions by:

  • Discussing group member and IESO market experience and technical expertise from Ontario and other electricity markets
  • Providing guidance and advice that support the development and evolution of the IESO markets in accordance with the future market vision
  • Informing the IESO on broader sector developments that may impact the IESO’s approach to market development
  • Providing input to the Work Plan

All enquiries, comments and nominations can be directed to

Related Information

Terms of Reference (revised May 23, 2019)

MDAG Membership

Schedule of Activities

Date  Activities  Expected Actions 

December 4, 2019



November 6, 2019



August 29, 2019



August 20, 2019

MDAG Valuation Template Deadline


July 26, 2019

MDAG Valuation Template


June 27, 2019




June 13, 2019


 Stakeholder Feedback


May 30, 2019




April 16, 2019




February 15, 2019

Deadline for Call for Nominations


January 17, 2019

Draft Terms of Reference posted (revised April 16, 2019)