Register a facility

The registration of a facility helps to ensure the reliability and performance of the IESO-controlled grid. Facility registration should be started when any applicable connection assessment is complete or when the facility is under construction. Facility registration can occur in parallel with the Authorize Market Participant (AMP) process and it is recommended to start no later than eight months ahead of the first energization to the grid.

If an organization needs to complete a connection assessment with the IESO, please see connection assessments for more information.

The Facility Registration process gathers the technical information needed to accurately represent a facility in IESO systems. The information includes the physical characteristics, location of the facility and the people responsible for specific roles at the facility. The information is also used to ensure that the facility meets performance standards, and where applicable, connection requirements identified in a completed connection assessment.

To register a facility within Online IESO, select Actions, ‘Manage Facilities and Equipment’ and complete the necessary steps and tasks described in the online instructions. Some of the required information may include, but not restricted to:

  • "Issued for Construction" electrical single line diagram of the facility, annotated with monitored points and quantities and including the location of the Dynamic Disturbance Recorder (DDR).
  • Connection Agreement with the transmitter if the facility is connected to the IESO-controlled grid or with the local distribution company (LDC), if connected to a distribution system.
  • Protection Description Document.
  • Facility Description Documents (FDD) if the facility is to be connected to the IESO-controlled grid and equipped with a Special Protection System (SPS), as required by the connection assessment.

Facility Registration help file

This help file contains the required attributes that need to be submitted in the process of registering a facility, its associated equipment, and resources.

Please contact the IESO at for assistance to complete the required registration documentation.