Instructor-Led Courses

Introduction to Ontario's Physical Markets

This one-day workshop provides a basic explanation of Ontario's physical markets.

Target audience: Those new to Ontario's competitive wholesale electricity market.

Date:  Spring 2019

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 Topics covered:

  • What is the Electricity Market?
  • Who can participate in the market and who must?    
  • How and when are prices determined?
  • Which prices apply to which participants?
  • What is congestion and how does it impact the marketplace?
  • How are congestion management settlement credits calculated?
  • How does Ontario's IESO determine who supplies energy and operating reserve in real-time?
  • What is the Day-Ahead Commitment Process?
  • How do imports and exports fit in?
  • How are import/export prices determined? How are they impacted by Ontario prices?
  • How can importers and exporters be involved in the Day-Ahead Commitment Process?
  • What is Operating Reserve?
  • What is the demand response auction?


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Fee:  $395 + applicable taxes
Refunds are available up to 7 days before event.

Settlements/Commercial Reconciliation

This half-day course includes both a presentation and a hands-on workshop.

Target audience: Those who work with settlement statements and invoices.

Date: Spring 2019

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Topics covered:

  • How do I retrieve statements and invoices?
  • What can I do when a preliminary statement is incorrect?
  • How will I know when changes have been made as a result of a successful Notice of Disagreement?
  • How can I reconcile daily statements with a monthly invoice?
  • What detailed data is available for use in verifying my statements?




Fee:  $195 + applicable taxes
Refunds are available up to 7 days before event.

Introduction to Ontario’s Demand Response Auction

This one hour webinar provides an overview of the Demand Response Auction and how it integrates into Ontario’s Physical Markets. This course is ideal for those seeking an opportunity to learn the basics of how to deliver demand response capacity to the IESO- controlled grid.

Target audience:  DR Auction participants who are either new or existing dispatchable loads or aggregators of load.

Contributors who are smaller, typically non-revenue meter load aggregated into a single resource will learn how they may be expected to perform as part of an aggregated load.

Date:  TBD