Innovation and Sector Evolution White Paper Series

Investing in innovation today can pay dividends tomorrow. The IESO’s white paper series aims to deepen the understanding of emerging economic, technical, environmental and social issues that could transform the future of the electricity markets in Ontario. 

 Development of a Transmission-Distribution Interoperability Framework

Development of a transmission-distribution interoperability framework

Significant technological change is reshaping Ontario’s electricity system. With that transformation comes an imperative to re-examine and potentially re-define traditional roles and responsibilities at the transmission and distribution levels, and how everything works together to serve the evolving and future needs of the system.

Ontario can design a future electricity system architecture that incrementally builds on the system’s existing functional capabilities, the current roles and responsibilities of the transmission and distribution operators, and how they interact with each other. In examining two potential transmission-interoperability interoperability models, this paper illustrates the types of trade-offs between alternative approaches, and establishes a foundation for decision-making.

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White Paper Series: Non-Wires Alternative - title page

Non-Wires Alternatives Using Energy and Capacity Markets

With the value DERs offer at both the distribution and transmission levels improving, using them as non-wires alternatives is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. In exploring opportunities, this white paper looks at the coordination of market processes between a transmission system operator and distribution system operators, as well as how the combination of energy and capacity services provided at the distribution and transmission levels could reduce overall system costs, while supporting operational reliability, resource adequacy and efficient market outcomes.

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Exploring Expanded DER Participation in the IESO-Administered Markets Part I – Conceptual Models for DER Participation

How can the IESO seize the tremendous potential of distributed energy resources (DERs)? Over the last 10 years, rooftop solar panels, combined heat and power systems, residential smart thermostats and behind-the-meter energy storage have proliferated in Ontario. This white paper sets the stage for action to integrate DERs into Ontario’s electricity markets, by looking at potential participation models and the barriers that stand in the way. Read the white paper.