North/East of Sudbury

The regional planning process for this region is complete for this planning cycle. It will begin again within the five-year time frame unless there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires it to begin earlier.

Regional Planning in North/East of Sudbury

The local transmitter (Hydro One) has completed the Needs Assessment for this planning region and found that there were no needs that required regional coordination.

A copy of the transmitter’s Needs Assessment report can be viewed on Hydro One’s website.

Area Overview

For regional planning purposes, the North/East of Sudbury region is the area roughly bordered by Moosonee to the north, Hearst to the northwest, Ferris to the south and Kirkland Lake to the east.

The local distribution companies providing service to customers in the North/East of Sudbury region include:

Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc.
Hearst Power Distribution Company Limited

North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd.


Hydro One Networks Inc.

Northern Ontario Wires Inc.