The regional planning process for this region is complete for this planning cycle, and will begin again in 2020, unless there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires it to begin earlier.

Regional Planning in Sudbury/Algoma

The local transmitter (Hydro One) and a Working Group completed a Needs Screening for this planning region in March 2015 and found there were no needs that required regional coordination.

The screening also determined that "localized" wires-based solutions will address voltage concerns at Manitoulin Transformer Station, and Hydro One and the impacted local distribution companies will address this need.

The Working Group was led by Hydro One Networks Inc., and including representatives from the IESO, Greater Sudbury Hydro and Hydro One Networks Inc. Distribution.

A copy of the transmitter’s Needs Assessment report can be viewed on Hydro One’s website.

Area Overview

The Sudbury to Algoma Region includes Greater Sudbury Area, Manitoulin Island, and townships of Verner, Warren, Elliot Lake, Blind River and Walden.

The total peak demand for Sudbury/Algoma region is approximately 700 MW. The electrical supply for this region is provided through a network of 230kV and 115kV transmission circuits from Hanmer Transformer Station (TS), Algoma TS and Martindale TS. This area is also connected to Northwest Ontario through Mississagi TS.