Governance of SME

The IESO is designated as the Smart Metering Entity (SME) by the Government of Ontario. The SME operates under licence by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). In its role as the SME, the IESO is responsible for the implementation, integration and operation of province’s Metering Data Management/Repository (MDM/R).

The MDM/R Terms of Service set out the principles for the administration and operational framework of the MDM/R and other infrastructure.

The SME Steering Committee represents the interest of stakeholders in the MDM/R and provides advice to SME.

The MDM/R Technical Panel is a sub-committee of SME Steering Committee that provides input on the technical aspects of the MRM/R, as well as provides recommendations for changes. Composition of the Technical Panel includes representation that can address all technical aspects of the MDM/R solution and integration with the LDCs’ metering and billing systems.