Issued Compliance and Enforcement Guidance

Compliance and Enforcement Guidance documents provide guidance, on a forward-looking basis, of MACD’s view of the meaning of specific market rule provisions and their potential application to compliance and other enforcement determinations. These documents take two forms:

  • Statements of Approach – which provide non-binding direction as to MACD’s interpretation of the rules and how they may be applied in given circumstances.
  • Interpretation Bulletins – these are similar to Statements of Approach in terms of general purpose, but are developed and published by the IESO under the authority of the Market Rules, Chapter 1, Section 12. Bulletins are binding on the IESO, subject to the conditions listed in Section 12.1.5 of Chapter 1 of the market rules.

Statements of Approach

 Statement of Approach

Date Issued

Statement of Approach: Compliance with Dispatch Instructions within the Compliance Deadband

November 10, 2022

Statement of Approach: Self-Reporting Potential Market Rule Breaches

March 3, 2021

Statement of Approach: Compliance with Requests for Information

December 16, 2020

Statement of Approach: How Internal Compliance Programs are Considered by MACD

December 19, 2013

Interpretation Bulletins

Interpretation Bulletin


Publication Date


Maintaining the Reliability of Supply to Customer Connections

December 9, 2020


Compliance with Dispatch Instructions Issued to Dispatchable Facilities

November 26, 2020


Costs Reimbursable by the IESO under the Real-Time Generation Cost Guarantee ("RT-GCG") Program

Questions and answers related to MKRI-1

August 25, 2014

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