Ontario Enforcement Dates for NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Criteria

The mandatory enforcement dates of NERC reliability standards and NPCC criteria are governed by Chapter 5, Sections 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 of the Market Rules. The following milestones are used to determine the enforcement dates for NERC standards in Ontario:

  • NERC Board of Trustees adopts the standard
  • Ontario Energy Board Review Process starts
  • Ontario Energy Board Review Process ends
  • The standard mandatory enforcement date in Ontario is determined
  • The standard inactive date in Ontario is determined          

Deferred Ontario Effective Dates due to COVID-19

Revised IESO Generator Verification Testing Dates due to COVID-19

Notice to Market Participants: Completion of Ontario GIC Assessment for TPL-007-4, R5 and R9

Implementation plans for certain reliability standards