Annual Planning Outlook

A long-term view of Ontario's electricity system, the IESO’s Annual Planning Outlook (APO) forecasts electricity demand, assesses the reliability of the electricity system, identifies capacity and energy needs, and explores the province’s ability to meet them.

Reliability Outlook (Current Report)

The Reliability Outlook presents Ontario's demand forecast and associated drivers, resource adequacy projects and the assumptions that inform them, as well as an assessment of operability and the province's transmission assets on a quarterly basis.

Cover of 2019 Power Perspectives 

Power Perspectives: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Explores key issues and trends affecting Ontario’s electricity sector, including a Q&A with IESO President and CEO Peter Gregg, as well as articles that showcase the IESO’s role in enabling competition, facilitating innovation, enhancing resilience, building capacity in Indigenous communities and planning for the future.

Conservation Progress Report

Quarterly Conservation Progress Report (Current Report)

The Progress Report highlights the results of conservation programs by quarter, including savings for residential, business, and industrial programs, and the number of program participants. Fourth quarter
reports also detail savings results and program participation totals for the entire year.

Find more information on the IESO's commitment to conservation and energy efficiency in the 2017 Report on Energy-Efficiency Activities.

See all quarterly and yearly conservation reports in the Document Library.

Quarterly Contracted Supply  Report (Current Report)

The Progress Report on Contracted Electricity Supply provides a status of the IESO’s contracted generation capacity in both the Ontario transmission and distribution grids.