Required Notice of OEB Applications

The IESO's expenditure and revenue requirement, as well as the fees it charges, are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), a provincial government agency. At any time, the IESO may be involved in proceedings before the OEB for applications which it has filed. The IESO may also be participating in proceedings for applications filed by others in which the IESO is an interested party.

OEB Applications filed by the IESO

The IESO currently has no active applications filed with the OEB.

For past applications filed by the IESO, see the OEB’s website.

OEB Applications filed by others to which IESO is an interested party

There is currently one market rules related application which the IESO is a party to:

Resolute FP Canada Inc. Application EB-2019-0206

On August 7, 2019, Resolute FP Canada Inc. applied to the OEB for an order directing the Independent Electricity System Operator to amend the market rules relating to the qualifications for participating in Demand Response Auctions.

The application and other documents which form the record of the OEB’s proceeding are available on the OEB’s website.