Training Materials

The IESO’s online resources include workbooks and training guides allow users to learn at their own pace. Quick Takes provide insight into specific and timely market issues.



Training Guides

  • Centralized Forecasting Registration and Communication Requirements for Distribution Connected Variable Generators    
  • Overview of the IESO-Administered Markets
  • Communicating with the IESO: Distributors
  • Communicating with the IESO: Dispatchable Loads
  • Communicating with the IESO: Dispatchable Generators
  • Communicating with the IESO: Non-Dispatchable Loads

Operational Guidelines


Recorded Presentations


Quick Takes

  • Intertie Offer Guarantee
  • Net Interchange Schedule Limit
  • Scheduling Limits and Intertie Prices
  • Administrative Pricing
  • Timelines for Standing Bids & Offers
  • Real-time Generation Cost Guarantee
  • Accessing IESO Reports Formatted in XML
  • Multi-Interval Optimization
  • Retrieving Reports via IESO Reports Site
  • Automatic Voltage Control
  • Dispatchable Loads
  • Joint Optimization of Energy and Operating Reserve
  • Electric Reliability Organization (ERO): Impact on Ontario
  • Compliance Aggregation
  • Replacement Offers    
  • Scheduling for Commissioning Variable Generators
  • Meter Data Reports - Profiles and Details

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