Resource Adequacy Engagement

The IESO remains committed to transitioning to the long-term use of competitive mechanisms to meet Ontario’s resource adequacy needs and understands that stakeholder input is critical to inform this transition. To begin this discussion with stakeholders, the IESO has developed a draft resource adequacy strategy based on extensive stakeholder engagement conducted on the Incremental Capacity Auction High-level Design and additional discussions with individual stakeholders to better understand their specific risks. Key feedback themes that emerged through these discussions with stakeholders include:

  • Recognition that a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t be sufficient to balance supplier, ratepayer and system operator risks and cost-effectively meet all of our needs
  • Different resource types have different risks, requirements and timelines for development that should be considered
  • Different tools are better suited to different resource types
  • Some resources are not suited to competitive acquisition mechanisms
  • System planning forecasts will have to align with any resource adequacy strategy we go forward with
  • Increased risk in Ontario markets due to regulatory and political uncertainty

To facilitate competition, and provide business planning certainty, resource adequacy needs should be planned and acquired for three timeframes: short, mid and long-term. Through this consultation, the IESO will engage stakeholders to further develop a long-term competitive strategy to meet Ontario’s resource adequacy needs reliably and cost-effectively while recognizing the unique needs of different resources.

This engagement plan outlines the objectives, approach, timeline and considerations for engaging stakeholders. This engagement plan may be subject to review and updates as the process evolves. All comments and enquiries on this engagement can be directed to

Schedule of Activities



Expected Actions

Q1 2021

Final high level strategy document published


December 2020

Engagement webinar

High level strategy document released for stakeholder review and comment


September 28, 2020

Engagement webinar

The IESO will begin discussion regarding a long-term competitive resource adequacy strategy with stakeholders.

Registration link

This webinar is being presented during the IESO's September stakeholder engagement sessions, see full agenda for more information.

September 3, 2020

Engagement launched


August 2020

Discussion at Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting

To gather SAC member feedback on launch of Resource Adequacy engagement


January 2020

Planned engagement meeting postponed


November 2019

Introduction to Resource Adequacy engagement