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2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management Framework – Mid-Term Review

Sector Evolution

This engagement outlines the Mid-Term Review (MTR) process as part of the 2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Framework. The 2021-2024 CDM Framework Directive requires the IESO to complete a formal MTR of the following:

  • System Needs: alignment of the demand reduction target, electricity target and the CDM Framework budget with the provincial, regional and/or local electricity system needs as identified by the IESO.
  • Customer Needs: alignment of the CDM program offerings with consumer needs in Ontario.
  • Competitive Mechanism: lessons learned and recommendations from competitive mechanisms for procuring energy efficiency resources, including results to date of the Energy Efficiency Auction Pilot.
  • Programs: the progress and impact of CDM programs, including for low-income/income-eligible and on-reserve First Nations consumers and comparison against programs from other jurisdictions.

The IESO will engage with stakeholders through a combination of targeted customer outreach and public engagement sessions where participants will have the opportunity to discuss how customer needs are changing, what barriers exist to undertaking energy-efficiency projects, and what new opportunities may be beneficial to address emerging customer needs.

The IESO will provide transparency around the MTR process and will use the feedback received as part of its report back and recommendations to the Minister of Energy in December 2022.

The IESO encourages stakeholders and particularly customer segments (i.e. Industrial, Small Business, Commercial, Income-Eligible), residential consumers, Indigenous consumers (on and off reserve), environmental organizations, industry associations, energy service providers and energy utilities to stay informed and participate in this engagement.

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Engagement Plan

Schedule of Activities



Expected Actions

August 9, 2022

Feedback Due

Following the July 19 webinar, the IESO is seeking feedback on findings discussed from the customer needs review, program needs review, and competitive mechanisms review.

Feedback Received

September 12, 2022: IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback


July 19, 2022

Engagement Webinar

This webinar will present preliminary findings from the CDM Mid-Term Review related to the customer needs review, program needs review, and competitive mechanisms review for stakeholder feedback. It will also summarize feedback received on the first MTR engagement webinar and provide an update on the refresh of the CDM Achievable Potential Study.

Recorded Presentation

This webinar is being presented during the IESO's July stakeholder engagement sessions, see full agenda for more information.

May 12, 2022

Feedback is due on the materials and topics presented at the April 22 webinar.

Feedback Received

June 14, 2022: IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback


April 22, 2022

Engagement Webinar

Inform stakeholders of the MTR process and approach, seek input on CDM trends, program gaps and opportunities.

Recorded Presentation

This webinar was presented during the IESO's April stakeholder engagement sessions, see full agenda for more information.

March 31, 2022

Launch of engagement