The Toronto planning region includes the area within the municipal boundary of the City of Toronto. For the previous regional planning cycle that was completed in 2016, the Toronto Region was divided into two sub-regions - Central Toronto and Northern Toronto. The most recent regional planning cycle has been assessing the City of Toronto as a whole and no sub-regions within Toronto have been created.

Regional planning activities in the Toronto Region

The second regional planning cycle is underway for the Toronto Region. An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) and Appendices were posted in August 2019. A Regional Infrastructure Plan (RIP) led by Hydro One will be completed by early 2020.

An engagement initiative was undertaken for interested parties to learn more about electricity planning activities undertaken for the Toronto region and offer input for consideration into the recommendations that will be outlined in the IRRP. This engagement is now closed, but the related materials can be found on the engagement initiative site.


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Toronto Planning Region

Toronto Region Working Group

A Working Group, consisting of local distribution companies in the region, the local transmitter (Hydro One) and the IESO, have been using the regional planning process to identify and address local and regional electricity needs.


Regional planning activities in the Toronto region

Central Toronto sub-region

An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) was released for the Central Toronto sub-region in April 2015.

An addendum to the Central Toronto sub-region was completed in February 2017. See the details.

Northern Toronto sub-region

A Needs Assessment for the Northern Toronto sub-region, the first step in the regional planning process, was completed in June, 2014. The study team determined that the needs identified for this sub-region can be addressed directly by the transmitter and local distribution companies, and that further regional coordination is not required. See the Needs Assessment report on Hydro One's website.

Toronto region

Hydro One completed a Regional Infrastructure Plan for the Toronto Region in June 2016, available on Hydro One's website.