Greater Bruce/Huron

The regional planning process for the Southern Huron-Perth sub-region of Greater Bruce/Huron was completed with the release of an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) and the supporting Appendices in September 2021. The long-term electricity plan considers electricity demand and supply conditions over the next 20 years in the area and recommends required actions to ensure an adequate and reliable supply continues to be provided for its residents and businesses. 

The IRRP identifies that the capability of the existing electricity infrastructure is approaching its limits, but there are no imminent needs due to slow local growth. However, any marginal changes in growth could significantly delay or advance need, so the IRRP also examined a high growth scenario and potential solutions. Key recommendations in the IRRP include:

  • In the near-term, continue to observe local growth and consider targeted non-wires solutions in the area to further defer future needs; and,
  • In the long-term and/or in the event needs are accelerated, pursue targeted Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) and wires solutions (load transfer).

Community Engagement

The IESO engages with local and regional communities to seek input to help inform planning activities. Learn more about engagement on the current planning cycle.

Area Overview

The Southern Huron-Perth sub-region is located at the southernmost portion of the broader Greater Bruce/Huron region and roughly encompasses the municipalities of Bluewater, South Huron, Lambton Shores, Lucan Biddulph, Middlesex Centre, North Middlesex, Thames Centre, Zorra, Perth South, St. Marys and West Perth.

The Greater Bruce/Huron area is located in southwestern Ontario. The region comprises the counties of Bruce, Huron and Perth, as well as portions of Grey, Lambton, Wellington, Waterloo, Oxford and Middlesex counties.

The local distribution companies (LDCs) providing service to customers in the Greater Bruce/Huron region include:

Entegrus Power Lines Inc.

ERTH Power Corp.

Festival Hydro Inc.

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Wellington North Power Inc.

Westario Power Inc.

Regional Planning Process Status

A new cycle of regional electricity planning commenced in 2019, with the completion a Needs Assessment by Hydro One and Scoping Assessment Outcome Report led by the IESO working with the LDCs and transmitter in the region. This cycle was triggered early due to an increasing amount of load connection requests received. 

The first cycle of regional planning did not identify needs requiring regional coordination, and concluded in August 2017 with the release of a Regional Infrastructure Plan (“RIP”) by the local transmitter (Hydro One). A Local Plan to address anticipated overloading of circuits was developed, and the condition is being actively monitored in the event mitigation measures needs to be triggered. Projects to address the frequency and duration of outages were also contemplated in the plan, and will be executed in the near-term. The expected load growth in the Kincardine area that was previously identified has been deferred based on an updated forecast.

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Key Resources

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