London Area

Regional planning for the London Area is divided into five sub-regions, including Greater London, Alymer-Tillsonburg, Strathroy, Woodstock and St. Thomas.

An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) was released for the Greater London sub-region in January 2017.

Regional Planning in the London Area

A Needs Screening was carried out by Hydro One Networks Inc. for the London region in 2015. The report identified electricity needs that may require regional coordination, and concluded these needs should be reviewed further through the Scoping Assessment process.

The participants in the Scoping Assessment process reviewed the identified needs and outlined the best planning approach in a Scoping Assessment Outcome Report. This included dividing the region into five sub-regions:

  • Capacity and load restoration needs were identified in the Greater London sub-region and an Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) has been developed to address them. See the IRRP below.
  • Supply capability limitations were identified in Alymer-Tillsonburg sub-region and will be addressed through Regional Infrastructure Planning, which will be led by Hydro One
  • Local planning between affected local distribution companies and Hydro One Transmission will address needs in the Strathroy sub-region and Woodstock sub-region; and,
  • The St. Thomas sub-region requires no further planning at this time.

Participants in the process included representatives from Entegrus Power Lines, Erie Thames Power Lines Corporation, London Hydro Inc., St. Thomas Energy Inc., Tillsonburg Hydro Inc., Woodstock Hydro Services Inc., Hydro One Networks Inc. (distribution and transmission) and the IESO.

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Key Resources
Greater London IRRP - Backgrounder (Please contact Customer Relations to obtain a copy)

Scoping Assessment Outcome Report

IESO Response to Comments (Please contact Customer Relations to obtain a copy)

Terms of Reference for Greater London IRRP

Regional Infrastructure Planning – Scope for Aylmer-Tillsonburg Sub-Region (Please contact Customer Relations to obtain a copy)

Tillsonburg Hydro Comments/Town of Tillsonburg Comments (Please contact Customer Relations to obtain a copy)

Hydro One Regional Planning

IRRP and RIP Working Group

The Working Group for the Greater London IRRP consists of staff from the IESO, Hydro One Networks Inc. (transmitter and distributor), and London Hydro.

The Working Group for the Aylmer-Tillsonburg RIP consists of staff from Hydro One Networks Inc. (transmitter and distributor), IESO, Erie Thames Power Lines, and Tillsonburg Hydro.

Area Overview

London area map

The total peak demand in the London Area was approximately 1,250 MW in 2014. Electrical supply to the London Area is provided through a network of 230 kV and 115 kV transmission lines supplied from Longwood Transformer Station (TS), Buchanan TS and Karn TS.

The London Area includes the municipalities of:

Oxford County, comprising:
Township of Blandford-Blenheim
Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
Town of Ingersoll
Township of Norwich
Township of South-West Oxford
Town of Tillsonburg
Township of Zorra

Middlesex County, comprising:
Municipality of Adelaide Metcalfe
Municipality of Lucan Biddulph
Municipality of Middlesex Centre
Municipality of North Middlesex
Municipality of Southwest Middlesex
Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc
Municipality of Thames Centre
Village of Newbury
City of London

City of Woodstock

City of St. Thomas

Elgin County, comprising:
Municipality of Town of Aylmer
Municipality of Bayham
Municipality of Central Elgin
Municipality of West Elgin
Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich
Township of Malahide
Township of Southwold