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Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy

Sector Evolution

The Ministry of Energy has asked the IESO to investigate and propose program options to integrate low-carbon hydrogen technologies into Ontario’s electricity grid for the purposes of balancing and strengthening the reliability of the electricity system and contributing to broader decarbonization. The IESO is to report back to the Ministry of Energy with program options, timelines, costs and any additional advice the IESO may have on how to proceed by October 31, 2022.

To inform its report back to government, the IESO will meet with interested parties with existing or potential upcoming hydrogen projects in Ontario. The IESO will seek feedback on potential roles for low-carbon hydrogen technologies in Ontario’s electricity system, potential opportunities, barriers and risks for hydrogen projects in Ontario, and hydrogen-related technology costs and development timelines.

The IESO encourages stakeholders and particularly industrial associations, hydrogen producers and consumers, Indigenous communities, generators, Municipalities and communities to stay informed on this engagement. To be added to the email list for communications related to this engagement or to submit comments and enquiries, please email

Schedule of Activities



Expected Actions

August - October

Targeted discussions


August 18, 2022

Launch of Engagement