Annual Planning Outlook

A long-term view of Ontario's electricity system, the IESO’s Annual Planning Outlook (APO) forecasts electricity demand, assesses the reliability of the electricity system, identifies capacity and energy needs, and explores the province’s ability to meet them. In providing comprehensive information and insights about future electricity needs, and other considerations, including system performance, the Outlook helps inform the decisions that will lay the foundation for a reliable and affordable electricity future.

The IESO presented key findings of the 2020 APO at the January engagement days. A recording of the session is available.

2020 Annual Planning Outlook: At a Glance

2020 Annual Planning Outlook
Previous Outlooks

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2019 Annual Planning Outlook

Modules, Supplemental Data and Methodology

Demand Forecast

  • Demand Forecast Module
  • Demand Forecast Module Data
  • Demand Forecast Methodology
  • Hourly Demand Forecast - Reference Case
  • Hourly Demand Forecast - Energy Efficiency

Resource Adequacy

  • Resource Adequacy Module
  • Resource Adequacy Module Data
  • Ontario Generation Resource Database
  • Resource Adequacy Methodology

Costs, Avoided Costs, Avoided Emissions

  • Fuel Cost Assumptions
  • Marginal Costs
  • Avoided Costs
  • Avoided Emissions